Application provision

1.1 The changes to this rule are effective from 23:00 on 31/12/2020.

Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to every firm that is:

  1. (1) a CRR firm;
  2. (2) a credit union; or
  3. (3) a third country CRR firm in relation to:
    1. (a) the activities of its establishment in the UK; or
    2. (b) if it does not have an establishment in the UK, activities in the UK.



The requirement to obtain regulatory references in accordance with 2.7 does not apply to a firm in respect of any person to the extent that:

  1. (a) the firm is deciding whether the person is fit and proper for the purpose of issuing a certificate to perform a certification function;
  2. (b) immediately prior to 7 March 2017, the person performed the same certification function for the firm.



The requirement to request regulatory references from a full scope regulatory reference firm in accordance with the requirements of 2.8(2) does not apply to a firm in respect of an application for approval as an approved person made before 7th March 2017.






A CRR firm must notify the PRA before 7 March 2016 of any director who, in relation to the firm, will be a notified non-executive director on 7 March 2016 and who immediately prior to 7 March 2016 was approved as a non-executive director.



Item (F) in the regulatory reference template does not require disclosure of disciplinary action that took place before 7th March 2016 if the firm’s records do not show whether the conduct that was subject to disciplinary action amounted to a breach of the individual conduct requirements referred to in item (F) in the regulatory reference template.