Application provision

1.1 The changes to this rule are effective from 23:00 on 31/12/2020.

  1. (1) Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to every firm except:
    1. (a) [deleted.]
    2. (b) a non-directive friendly society; and
    3. (c) a UK ISPV.
  2. (2) Chapter 5 (Annual Controllers Report) does not apply to a credit union.
  3. (3) The PRA directs that Chapter 2 (Obligations on Controllers) applies to persons required to give to the PRA a section 178 notice or a notice under section 191D of FSMA.



A firm must submit (or procure that another firm in its group submits) to the PRA, by electronic means, a completed Annual Controllers Report, within four months of the firm's accounting reference date.




A mutual or a building society is only required to submit a report under 5.1 if it is aware that it has a controller.



In relation to a building society, a controller does not include a person who is exempt from the obligation to notify a change in control under the Exemption Order.



An insurer need not submit a report under 5.1 to the extent that the information has already been provided to the PRA under IPRU(INS) 9.30 R (Additional information on controllers).