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Instruments that have been passed but are not yet consolidated.

Reference Part Title of instrument Made date In force date
PRA2017/19 Unassigned PRA Rulebook: CRR Firms: Glossary Instrument 2017. (not consolidated) 25/04/2017 03/01/2018
PRA2019/11 Unassigned PRA Rulebook: EU Exit (Amendment) Instrument 2019 (not consolidated) 11/06/2019 13/06/2019
PRA2020/15 Unassigned PRA Rulebook: Glossary (Capital Requirements Directive V) Instrument 2020 (not consolidated) 28/12/2020 29/12/2020
PRA2022/5 Unassigned PRA Rulebook: Glossary (Solvency II) Amendment Instrument 2022 (not consolidated) 27/06/2022 07/07/2023