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relevant senior management function


means, for the purposes of section 64A of FSMA, any of the following FCA controlled functions to the extent applicable, pursuant to the FCA Handbook, to a UK Solvency II firm, the Society, a managing agent, a third country branch undertaking (other than a Swiss general insurer), an ISPV, a large non-directive insurer or a small non directive insurer:

  1. CF1 Director function;

  2. CF2A Chair of the Nomination committee function;

  3. CF2B Chair of the With-Profits committee function;

  4. CF3 Chief executive function;

  5. CF5 Director of unincorporated association function;

  6. CF6 Small friendly society function;

  7. CF10 Compliance oversight function;

  8. CF28 Systems and control function; and

  9. CF51 Actuarial conduct function holder in Solvency II third country Insurance undertakings.