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certification function


The changes to this defined term are effective from 23:00 on 31/12/2020.


(1) for a CRR firm, a credit union and a third country CRR firm in relation to the activities of its establishment in the UK or if it does not have an establishment in the UK its activities in the UK, has the meaning given in Certification 2.22.4;

(2) for a UK Solvency II firm, the Society, a managing agent, a third country branch undertaking (other than a Swiss general insurer) and a UK ISPV has the meaning given in Insurance – Certification 2;

(3) for a large non-directive insurer and a Swiss general insurer has the meaning given in Large Non-Solvency II Firms – Certification 2; and

(4) for a small non-directive insurer has the meaning given in Non-solvency II Firms – Certification 2.