Application provision

1.1 Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to a small non-directive insurer.



Each of the functions in 3 to 5 is a controlled function and a PRA senior management function.



PRA senior management function holders must be approved by the PRA to perform the applicable PRA senior management function.



To the extent that:

  1. (1) a firm appoints a person to perform a function which, but for this rule, would be a senior insurance management function;
  2. (2) the appointment is solely to provide cover for a PRA senior management function holder whose absence is:
    1. (a) temporary; or
    2. (b) reasonably unforeseen; and
  3. (3) the appointment is for less than 12 weeks in a consecutive 12-month period,

the description of the applicable PRA senior management function does not relate to those activities of that person.



If, in relation to a firm:

  1. (1) a PRA senior management function holder also performs FCA activities, performance of the PRA senior management function will include the performance of those FCA activities, provided the following conditions are met:
    1. (a) the PRA’s approval to perform that PRA senior management function has been granted and continues in force;
    2. (b) at the time of approval being granted by the PRA, that person was not subject to an FCA approval to perform the particular FCA governing function;
    3. (c) the firm made an FCA activities notification; and
    4. (d) that person performs and is continuing to perform the FCA activities.
  2. (2) a PRA senior management function holder has been performing FCA activities in the circumstances set out in (1), and that person:
    1. (a) ceases to perform the PRA senior management function;
    2. (b) within three months of ceasing performance, is approved to perform a new PRA senior management function at the firm; and
    3. (c) continues to perform the FCA activities,

performance of the nePRA senior management function will include the performance of those FCA activities, provided the conditions in (1) (a) to (d) are met.



If a PRA senior management function holder to whom 2.4 applies ceases to perform a PRA senior management function but continues to perform the FCA activities, 2.4 will continue to apply in respect of the performance of the FCA activities until the earlier of:

  1. (1) approval by the FCA in respect of the performance by that person of those FCA activities as an FCA governing function in relation to the firm; or
  2. (2) three months from the time that the person ceased to perform that PRA senior management function.