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Application provision

1.1 Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to:

  1. (1) the FSCS;
  2. (2) a dormant account fund operator;
  3. (3) UK banks;
  4. (4) building societies; and
  5. (5) an overseas firm that:
    1. (a) is not an incoming firm; and
    2. (b) has a Part 4A permission that includes accepting deposits.



The FSCS may reduce, remit or refund any overpaid amounts paid by a DAS member in respect of a particular period, due to a mistake of law or fact by the DAS member provided that the claim is made by the DAS member not more than 2 years after the beginning of the period to which the overpayment relates.



The PRA may defer, in whole or in part, a firm’s obligation to pay a DAS levy if the PRA considers that such contributions would jeopardise the liquidity or solvency of the firm. Such deferral shall not be granted for a longer period than six months but may be renewed upon request of the firm.



Any contributions deferred pursuant to 25.2 shall be paid when the payment no longer jeopardises the liquidity and solvency of the firm.