Application provision

1.1 The changes to this rule are effective from 23:00 on 31/12/2020.

Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to:

  1. (1) every UK Solvency II firm:
    1. (a) that is a member of a group for which the PRA is the group supervisor;
    2. (b) that is a member of a group for which a supervisory authority (other than the PRA) is the group supervisor, subject to (c) and to the extent this Part gives effect to the Solvency II EEA implementing measures in the territory of its group supervisor; and
    3. (c) where the group supervisor of a group of which a firm is a member is a supervisory authority in Gibraltar, the requirements of the Solvency II EEA implementing measures in that territory apply to the firm in relation to its capacity as a member of that group;
  2. (2) in accordance with Insurance General Application 3, the Society as a mixed activity insurance holding company, as modified by 21; and
  3. (3) a UK holding company.



  1. (1) When 2.1(1) or 2.1(2) applies, participating Solvency II undertakings that are firms or, if there are none, the relevant insurance group undertakings must disclose publicly, on an annual basis, a report on the solvency and financial condition at the level of the group. Reporting 3 to 6 apply with any necessary changes.
  2. (2) Where a participating Solvency II undertaking that is a firm or the relevant insurance group undertakings (as appropriate) so decide, and subject to the agreement of the group supervisor, they may provide a single SFCR which must comprise the following:
    1. (a) the information at the level of the group which must be disclosed in accordance with (1); and
    2. (b) the information for any of the subsidiaries within the group which must be individually identifiable and disclosed in accordance with Reporting 3 to 6.

Additional Notes

[Note: Art. 256 of the Solvency II Directive]