Application provision

1.1 Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to every firm and Chapter 8 applies only to a BRRD undertaking.



A notification required from a firm under any notification rule must be given in writing, and in English, and must be submitted on the form specified for that notification rule, or if no form is specified, on the form referred to in 10.3 (Notification form), and must give the firm’s Firm Reference Number unless:

  1. (1) the notification rule states otherwise; or
  2. (2) the notification is provided solely in compliance with 2.3 or Fundamental Rule 7.



A firm must provide a written notification following an oral notification if:

  1. (1) the PRA requests written confirmation of a firm’s oral notification; or
  2. (2) a matter either is complex or may be such as to make it necessary for the PRA to take action.



In giving notice to the PRA:

  1. (1) a firm must ensure that matters are promptly, properly and clearly communicated to the PRA; and
  2. (2) a firm must discuss relevant matters with the PRA at an early stage, before making any internal or external commitments.



Unless stated in the notification rule, or on the relevant form (if specified), a written notification required from a firm under any notification rule must be:

  1. (1) given to or addressed for the attention of the firm's usual supervisory contact at the PRA; and
  2. (2) delivered to the PRA by one of the following methods:
    1. (a) post to the PRA's address;
    2. (b) leaving the notification at the PRA's address and obtaining a time-stamped receipt;
    3. (c) electronic mail to an address for the firm's usual supervisory contact at the PRA and obtaining an electronic confirmation of receipt;
    4. (d) hand delivery to the firm's usual supervisory contact at the PRA;
    5. (e) fax to a fax number for the firm's usual supervisory contact at the PRA and receiving a successful transmission report for all pages of the notification;
    6. (f) online submission via the PRA's website at

Additional Notes

[Note: The current published address of the PRA for postal submission or hand delivery of notifications is 20 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DA.]



If the firm or its group is subject to lead supervision arrangements by the PRA, the firm or group may give or address a notice under 7.4(1) to the supervisory contact at the regulator designated as lead supervisor, if the firm has chosen to make use of the lead supervisor as a central point of contact.



If a firm is a member of a group which includes more than one firm, any one undertaking in the group may notify the PRA on behalf of all firms in the group to which the notification applies. In this way, that undertaking may satisfy the obligation of all relevant firms in the group to notify the PRA. Nevertheless, the obligation to make the notification remains the responsibility of the individual firm itself.



If a notification rule requires notification within a specified period:

  1. (1) the firm must give the notification so as to be received by the PRA no later than the end of that period; and
  2. (2) if the end of that period falls on a day which is not a business day, the notification must be given so as to be received by the PRA no later than the first business day after the end of that period.