Notice of Change of Details to Cross Border Services


A UK firm that is required by the EEA Passport Rights Regulations to submit a notice of a change to cross border services must notify the PRA by submitting the form referred to in 10.2 (Cross Border Services Notification Form).


  1. (1) A UK designated investment firm providing cross border services under MiFID II and a credit institution providing cross border services under MiFID II through a tied agent and wishing to change the range of services provided or activities performed within the territory of another EEA State must comply with the information requirements in Commission Delegated Regulation 2017/1018 and notify the PRA.
  2. (2) A UK firm operating an MTF or OTF that notifies the PRA of a change to the particulars of the notification under 4.3(3) must submit the form set out in Annex IV of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)2017/2382.

[Note: Article 34(2) of MiFID II]