Inaccurate, False or Misleading Information


A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that all information it gives to the PRA in accordance with a rule is:

  1. (1) factually accurate or, in the case of estimates and judgments, fairly and properly based after appropriate enquiries have been made by the firm; and
  2. (2) complete, in that it should include anything of which the PRA would reasonably expect notice.


If a firm is unable to obtain the information required in 6.1, then it must inform the PRA that the scope of the information provided is, or may be, limited.


If a firm becomes aware, or has information that reasonably suggests that it has or may have provided the PRA with information which was or may have been false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate, or has or may have changed in a material particular, it must notify the PRA immediately. Subject to 6.4, the notification must include:

  1. (1) details of the information which is or may be false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate, or has or may have changed;
  2. (2) an explanation why such information was or may have been provided; and
  3. (3) the correct information.


If the information in 6.3(3) cannot be submitted with the notification (because it is not immediately available), it must instead be submitted as soon as possible afterwards.