Application and Definitions


Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to:

  1. (1) a UK Solvency II firm;
  2. (2) in accordance with Insurance General Application 3, the Society, as modified by 8;
  3. (3) in accordance with Insurance General Application 3, a managing agent, as modified by 8;
  4. (4) a third country branch undertaking (other than a Swiss general insurer);
  5. (5) a UK ISPV; and
  6. (6) a third country insurance services provider.


In this Part, the following definitions shall apply:

commencement date

has the meaning given in Insurance - Senior Managers Regime – Transitional Provisions.

current approved person approval


    1. (1) an approval granted to a person under section 59 of FSMA (Approval for particular arrangements):
      1. (a) by the PRA for the performance of a PRA senior management function; or
      2. (b) by the FCA for the performance of an FCA-designated senior management function or a significant influence function;
    2. but excludes a notice given under section 59ZZA of FSMA treating a person as approved;
    3. (2) a deemed approval given by:
      1. (a) the PRA following the submission of a conversion notification; or
      2. (b) the FCA under any equivalent process contained in rules in the FCA Handbook; or
    4. (3) for the purposes of 2.5(2) and 2.6(1), an approval granted to that person under section 59 of FSMA by either the PRA or the FCA to perform a controlled function prior to the commencement date but which ceased (i) on or before the commencement date; and (ii) during the six-month period specified in 2.5(2) and 2.6(1), as the case may be.

regulatory body

means any authority, body or person having, or who has had, responsibility for the supervision or regulation of any regulated activities or other financial services, whether within the United Kingdom or overseas.

significant influence function

has the meaning given in the FCA Handbook.


In this Part, PRA approved person also includes a person in relation to whom a notice under section 59ZZA has been given to an authorised person.