Referring to Approval by the PRA


This Chapter applies to every firm and with respect to the carrying on of both regulated activities and activities that are not regulated activities.


  1. (1) Unless required to do so under the regulatory system, a firm must ensure that neither it nor anyone acting on its behalf claims in any way that any aspect of its affairs have the approval or endorsement of the PRA or another competent authority.
  2. (2) (1) does not apply to statements that explain, in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading, that:
    1. (a) the firm is an authorised person;
    2. (b) the firm has permission to carry on a specific activity;
    3. (c) the firm’s approved persons have been approved by the PRA for the purposes of section 59 of FSMA (Approval for particular arrangements); or
    4. (d) the firm has been given express written approval by the PRA in respect of a specific aspect of the firm’s affairs.