Disclosure to PRA


To enable firms to demonstrate how their policies, practices and procedures are meeting the requirements in the Solvency II Regulation and the expectations in this SS, the PRA has designed a RPS template for PRA-regulated Category 1 and 2 Solvency II firms to use. The RPS and Solvency II staff table is available on the Bank of England’s website11 for Category 1 and 2 firms to download and submit. The template meets the PRA’s expectation of the level of detail which should be included when asked to demonstrate compliance with the Solvency II Regulation. However, use of this template is voluntary as the PRA recognises that some firms may prefer to document how their remuneration policies comply with the Solvency II requirements in a different way. All information received in this regard will be treated as confidential. Any questions on the reporting template should be referred to the firm’s usual supervisory contact.