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Application provision

1.1 Unless otherwise stated, this Part applies to:

  1. (1) the FSCS;
  2. (2) UK banks;
  3. (3) credit unions;
  4. (4) Northern Ireland credit unions;
  5. (5) building societies; and
  6. (6) an overseas firm that:
    1. (a) is not an incoming firm; and
    2. (b) has a Part 4A permission that includes accepting deposits.



A firm may discharge all its information-providing obligations in this Part:

  1. (1) to depositors who use internet banking facilities, by way of electronic communications;
  2. (2) to depositors who receive only paper statements, in writing in paper form; and
  3. (3) to depositors who neither receive paper statements nor use internet banking, in a way that brings it to the attention of the depositor,

but it must provide the information on paper if so requested by the depositor.

Additional Notes

[Note: Art. 16(8) of the DGSD]